Commit 5423b1ad authored by Ángel Ramírez Isea's avatar Ángel Ramírez Isea
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refactor: WIP: Merge a mano de commed_nursing/medical_nursing.

parent 10c74e26
......@@ -66,14 +66,6 @@ msgctxt "field:gnuhealth.disease.gene,write_uid:"
msgid "Write User"
msgstr "Usuario modificación"
msgctxt "field:gnuhealth.patient,family_history:"
msgid "Family History"
msgstr "Historial Familiar"
msgctxt "field:gnuhealth.patient,genetic_risks:"
msgid "Genetic Risks"
msgstr "Riesgos genéticos"
msgctxt ",create_date:"
msgid "Create Date"
msgstr "Fecha creación"
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